Tips on Sampling New Paint for your Walls

One of my clients is looking for a new colour scheme for her room.  She has painted a selection of coloured pot samples directly on one wall.

When looking for new colour for a room, the best way is to compare the colours to the new decor scheme, and not the old. Therefore if the new colour sample is painted on the existing walls,  it can affect its true colour due to the undertone of the existing wall coming through.  If you paint a selection of sample paints next to each other, each colour will influence the other colours beside it, so this will make it difficult for you to get a true representation of what the colour would really look like on its own.

In conjunction to this, a wall normally needs 2-3 coats of paint to get the true colour and in doing this it will create a build-up of paint on that wall, which could still be noticeable when the walls are decorated.  If you use a different sheen than your current wall paint, for example a Matt on Eggshell,  it will possibly show through the new coat of paint and won’t give you the actual paint finish.

The best way to sample wall colours for your room and get the best representation of that colour, is to take a white A4 card or larger and paint 2-3 coats in your chosen sample colour.  When dry, place it around the room to see what it looks like in different lights and different times of the day.  The moveable samples are great for not having to live with colour swatches all over your walls too whilst you are deciding on the right colour!