Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all!

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How did you celebrate bringing in the New Year and what are your plans for 2017?

We marked this year with a gathering at home.  This was the first year that our little ones got to stay up late and see the New Year in so we celebrated with a countdown, popping Balloons containing forfeits on the hour, whilst celebrated the country that was seeing the New Year at that time.

Enjoying Sushi as an early starter as Japan celebrated, an alcohol free hour as we reached the Middle East, but soon caught up again with Cava and Grapes with Spain at 11pm,  finishing with Champagne and Fireworks and a sing song of Auld Lang Syne after Midnight.

All the decs came down after that, and I love how your home transforms back to having a sense of light and space!    I was glad however to say goodbye to 2016, with so many tragedies, and losses.  2016 also bought illness and loss in our own household, that I hadn’t manage to publish as many blogs and updates on my most recent projects as I would have liked.

My intention this New Year is to grow my brand, and deliver you guys inspiring posts, tips and some of those drool–worthy pics!  I am looking forward to working on some great projects this year and on some works going on in our own home, so I will update you on that too.  My Facebook page, Houzz Page, Pinterest Page and Etsy Shop are all up and running – so please sign up and follow me for some inspiration, tips and updates.

Wishing you all the best for 2017!



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