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The Stages of the Interior Design Process


Updating your home with a coherent and natural interior space can take a considerable amount of time and a trained eye.  Lesley-Ann Interiors aims to assist clients translate their inspirations and ideas into well thought out aesthetically pleasing but practical spaces,  saving them both valuable time and money in the long run.  Whichever level of design service you require, each project will start with an initial no obligatory phone consultation.

Stage 1 - First Meeting

interior design first meeting

The Initial meeting will take approximately 1.5 hours. This time is spent getting to know you, and your requirements, budget and timeline.  You will be asked a number of relevant questions, notes and photos will be taken of your existing furniture and space.  From this meeting a list of tasks and actions we anticipate  will be needed to complete your project will be drawn up and sent to you.

Stage 2 - Inspiration/ Mood Boards

Calming bedroom Mood Board

An inspiration mood board will be created for your space. This is a Digital mood board that will help you decide upon the overall scheme, giving you examples of how your space can look including colour combinations, wallpapers, fabrics, lighting, and possible furniture selections from the feedback from the initial meeting.   You may at this stage, choose to take the mood board and implement the design on your own at your own pace.

Stage 3 - Full Design and Decorative Scheme

Interior decorator choosing color

You will be presented with the initial design /Mood board options and discuss the design and scheme and furnishings in more detail, giving you advice and recommendations that best fit your chosen scheme.

Shopping days can also be arranged for you to get some inspiration ideas, try out the furniture, or simply to have some assistance in picking out items that will complement and match your scheme.

Stage 4 - Client Review and Delivery

interior design review

When the Design Concept is completed, it will send it to you for review. Once you have agreed the style and look for the room, the next step is to source the items to complete the project. Plans will be drawn up for you to follow, and a shopping list all tailored to your budget.

Stage 5 – Installation and Completion

interior design installation

One of the most important and exciting stages of a design process is the installation of the design and the items. If required, we are available to you to help assist in making the process run as smoothly as possible, and that all items are suitably placed within the space.

Shopping Trips



If you require some guidance and help with purchasing items, we are on hand to join you on your shopping trip, whether it’s to test furniture or to find those perfect accessories to finish off your room.