Design Assistance

Hourly rate
Who is this for?

For those clients who want to be able to contact their Interior Designer to  help them make decisions to get them to the next stage. It could be that you need some inspiration for a new paint colour to your room or need to know what size art would look good on my wall or what size rug would work in your space or to source certain items. This is based on our hourly rate.

How it works:
Email over a questionnaire with photos of the space.

We provide:
Help with sourcing items / Shopping
Paint Colour suggestions
Digital Mood Board
Room layout suggestion
Recommendations / Tips/ Ideas

Design Consultation

From £170
Who is this for?

For those clients who know what they want, but need help in making the right choices, whether it is furniture selection for the space, or help in choosing a colour, or if it will all work well together.

What is Included:

– Phone call to discuss project.
–  Scheduled work session  (prior to meeting).
–  On-site consultation
–  Provide recommendations/ideas.
–  Explore images and options online.


From £170


Design Starter Package

From £350
Who is this for?

This is for those clients who are happy to execute their design project, and just needing some Interior Design guidance to get started. You will receive a moodboard and visuals for you to source and implement the design yourself.

What is Included:

– 30 minute phone Call to discuss project
– 1 hour consultation (one area/ room)
–  Paint Colour suggestions
– Digital Mood Boards (2)
–  Room layout options
– Follow-up call

From £350

E-Consultation also available
Kitchens and Bathroom – + £100

Design Plan Package

From £550

Who is this for?

For those clients who would like a design put together, within budget with a complete illustrated plan to follow.

What is Included:

– Phone call to discuss project
– up to 1.5 hour consultation (one area/ room)
– Digital Concept/Presentation Boards (2)
– Paint Colour selections
–  Room layout / Floor Plan
– 1 revision
– Sourced samples
– Shopping list for client to purchase.
– Discount codes / Trade discounts

From £550

E-Design also available.
Bathroom and Kitchen + £100