Interior Design Consultation

What to expect from an Interior Design Consultation:

The interior design consultation is a great opportunity to spend your time with an Interior Design Consultant concentrating on any concerns you have with your home, or to start the conceptual process on a particular space.

Lesley Ann Interiors will listen to your decor dilemmas, learn more about your vision for your space, and how it fits in with your lifestyle.  We will look at your home and the room together to see what is working for you, and what is not.

Lesley Ann Interiors can cover all those problem areas that you wish to address and improve upon, whilst providing you with interior design tips and interior design ideas for the best room layout,  ideal furnishings, perfect lighting, and the most suitable window coverings options.

During the Consultation, your Interior Design Consultant will take photos of your home and the room, so should you wish to commission us to proceed with any interior design visual concepts, we are able to study these and go on to provide you with the best possible interior design solution for your new space.

Interior Designers will use the 7 elements of design to make your space work and look homely. We will introduce you to matching and working with complementary colours that will work in your home, whilst achieving the atmosphere you are looking for.  We will advise you on tips and layouts to show you how to layer your room with furnishings, to balance it out and to get your atmospheric lighting spot on.

Our aim is to make the space personal to you, so taking notes from the Interior Design Consultation, we can turn our initial concept of your space into something more “Wow” once we start putting our thoughts and designs onto an interior design concept board so we can all visualise how your new space will look, bringing the entire interior design together.

interior design first meeting

An Interior Design Consultation plays an important part in the interior design process. It is aimed to help you gain ideas and guidance, resources and expertise to move your project forward.

To arrange a Interior Design Consultation,  Contact Us to arrange an appointment.


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