Furniture Rentals


Whether you are moving into a new home and could do with renting some furniture to tide you over for anything from 3 months to 5 years, or you would like to stage your empty property to sell or rent, we offer 3 types of furniture rental options;

  • Budget Range Furniture Rental Package
  • Mid-Range Furniture Rental Package
  • High End Range Furniture Rental Package

These are in differing styles to suit most properties and most budgets.

STAGING – For sale and Rental

Staging your home does not only adds value to your Property when selling or renting, but also helps to achieve more viewings and a quicker sale!

Staged properties catch the potential buyers eye when scrolling through the internet. They are genuinely intrigued to see the property in the real, so likely to arrange an appointment.

9/10 viewers find staged properties help them visualise living in your property.

Staged properties can also achieve an extra 8%. This could mean a property worth £440,000 could sell for an extra £34,000!

Lesley Ann Interiors guide you through the whole process, ensuring you spend no more than you should. Packages include all the finishing touches such as rugs, artwork, lighting, soft furnishings, accessories and even garden furniture.

Rental rates vary depending on the package and length of the rental. Generally the longer you rent, the less you pay a month!

Furniture rental is delivered to site and Lesley Ann Interiors oversee the installation, making up all the beds, and styling the property ready for living, or for the estate agents photos and viewings.

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