Home Staging / Property Staging

Home Staging  / Property Staging 

is often overlooked here in the UK, but it’s what the Americans and Australians are doing to successfully sell their homes fast!

It is fairly popular amongst overseas clients who have property in London, but quite a new concept to the rest of the UK.   I was delighted, therefore, to receive a call at the beginning of the week, from a couple looking to use our Property Staging services, for their stunning property, right here in MK!

Staging your home does not only add value to your Property when selling or renting, but also helps to achieve more viewings and a quicker sale!


Why stage your property for sale or rent?

Staged properties look interesting to the potential buyers when scrolling through the internet looking for their next home. They are genuinely intrigued to see the property in the real.

9/10 viewers find it easier to visualise living in your property.  Staged properties can achieve an extra 8%. This could mean a property worth £220,000 could sell for an extra £17,000!

Do you want your home to stand out from the crowd and sell quickly?

Look at your property like a fresh pair of eyes. Here are some tips on getting your home staged for those Estate Agents photos.

Interior Design and Home Staging Milton Keynes
Interior Design and Home Staging Milton Keynes
Clean & Banish mess and Bad Odours

I am always shocked to see properties for sale online where beds are unmade and items stacked in corners. It’s a huge put off. Not only does the place need to look inviting and spacious, it needs to gleam. Give the carpets a clean, scrub the bathroom, and kitchen, clean the windows, wipe down paintwork. Paint if need be, and get everything looking as clean and fresh as possible.

  • De-Personalise & De-Clutter

Clear any clutter from worktops. Get rid of anything that doesn’t have a place, whether that is throwing it away, or temporarily moving it into storage. Make at least 1/3 of all cupboards and wardrobes free of items, giving the illusion of plenty of space.

Presentation is Key when Home staging

Start with kerb appeal. Clear away any rubbish, dead plants and swept the pathway, clear your entrance and hallway.   Plump up cushions, re-pleat curtains, lay rugs to give a homely feel, and stage furniture to give your property flow and flexibility. Don’t forget the ambient lighting for those evening viewings!

Home Staging Tricks of the Trade

Make a focal point in each room. Use mirrors to reflect light and make rooms appear bigger. Keep the doors open, making each room welcoming. Layer up your bed with crisp bedding and a throw. Add some nice touches like flowers or bowl of fruit to make the property look lived in.

Home Staging

Estate Agents often say “wait a few months, lets see how it goes”   Don’t – this can cost you time and money.  Stage your property for sale now, it will be worth it in the short run!!

Lesley Ann Interiors gets your property ready for Sale or Rental.

From Home Staging Consultation to full on hand assistance, we help making your property attractive and welcoming to those potential buyers, whilst working within your budget, and timescale.

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