Kids Room Makeover Before and After

Clients Brief

A Shared bedroom for girl and boy
A room they want to sleep in!
Something on the ceiling
To keep existing Curtains
To keep the existing bunk bed.
Low budget ( Up to £200)

My clients are two young children, who prefer to sleep in the guest room than their own room.  My brief is to design their shared bedroom adding some interest and making it a room that they really want to go to sleep in.   The space is very small, so I need to add some storage solutions too and design the room to be attractive to both a young boy and a young girl.   The parents wish to keep the existing curtains and put something of interest on the ceiling.


Presentation Board

Kids Room Final Board

Before Pictures of the Makeover on a Childrens shared bedroom

Shared Bedroom 1 Before
Shared Bedroom 2 Before

After Pictures of Makeover of the Childrens shared bedroom

Shared Bedroom 1 after
Shared Bedroom 2 after
Map and Door

The room was freshened up with a coat of white paint, which will keep it light, bright and airy during the day.  The drawer under the bed was fixed to hold a majority of the toys.    The top bunk was given a long floating white book shelf with a reading lamp attached.  I added a new crisp white duvet cover, and a sumptuous soft cosy green blanket and two large lime cushions to work with the room and match the green in the existing curtains,  all making the bed a cosy top bunk space to snuggle up with a book at bedtime.


The lower bunk was also given a book shelf with a reading lamp attached.  I dressed the bed with a  super soft glitzy throw in purple and  a large cushion, both matching the colour in the existing curtains.  To make the bottom bunk a warm and cosy place, I hung pretty light lanterns across the bottom of the top bunk which brought out the sparkles in the blanket at bedtime.


I hung an Educational World Map in colours that complement the room on the adjacent wall. This map shows the names the continents and countries, seas and the countries flags, and also interesting facts such as where the titanic sank!

A row of hooks with green hangers was hung across the back of the door to give some extra storage for the school uniforms.  A slim deep drawer unit was then built and placed in the far corner of the room to store clothes.  A shelf was placed above to hold the Xbox figures! ( See above photo).


The brief was to include something on the ceiling like fluorescent stars.  These can be hard to remove at a later date, so I added a rotating night lamp that when dark sends an array of stars and moons in several primary colours across the ceiling and around the room walls. whirling the little ones off to sleep at the end of their day!


Clients feedback

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work you’ve put in to make our home beautiful.  We appreciate all you have done. We love it!    John and Family

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