Why Hire a Professional Home Stager

Why Hire a Professional Home Stager?

There are plenty of things a homeowner can do to get their property ready for sale, such as a good de-clutter, give the walls a fresh coat of paint, clean the property throughout and add some flowers – So why hire a professional home stager?

The process of selling and moving can be extremely overwhelming, not knowing how a property in their price range should look, or even where to start.

Staged properties catch the potential buyer’s eye when scrolling through the internet. They are genuinely intrigued to see the property in the real, so likely to make the appointment to view your home.

Your Home Stager will have the ability to see your home with a fresh pair of eyes and how a highly critical buyer would see it – making some small changes,  and keeping it in character of the property, will make a big difference to the Potential buyers first impressions of your Property.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Home Stager:

  1. A home stager will know just what is needed to create the right environment and ambiance, quickly and cheaply, to help attract buyers to your home.
  2. A home stager will know how a home in your price range should look.  Whereas your Estate Agent may not want to tell you in risk of losing your listing, a Home Stager will provide you with lots of suggestions and recommendations on how to attract a wider market.
  3. If you have been living in your home for years and are accustomed to the style and layout of your property.  A Home Stager will see it with a fresh new vision and see ways that it would be more attractive to a potential buyer, just by rearranging some of your existing furniture, and displaying some artwork and accessories.
  4. A home stager can quickly suggest a new paint colour which will compliment your house and make it flow well.  The Home Stager will provide a list for you to follow to get the property looking at its very best for the Estate Agents photos and for the viewings.
  5. A home Stager has their own tried and tested painters, cleaners, and handymen who can help with the process.
  6. A home stager can bring in replacement furniture, accessories and art for empty homes, or suggest hiring some pieces if they feel the home needs it for its target market.
  7. A home Stager takes away the worries of how and where to start in sprucing up your property for the Open Market.

For example, Lesley Ann Interiors recently updated a rental property that in its current condition was not seeing getting a lot of viewings.

A Home Staging Consultation led to changing the carpet, getting a fresh coat of paint, and replacing and adding a few items followed up with a thorough clean throughout.  Not only did the property increase in value, but also had a huge amount of interest – making it well worth its small investment!

To get expert help with your Home Staging in Milton Keynes, contact Lesley Ann Interiors on 0788 1775952



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