How to choose the right paint colours for your room

What not to do when sampling paint colours

A client has been choosing paint colours for her room. She has then gone on to purchase a selection of samples, painting them directly on a wall.

When I am first contacted by a Client, they tell me they are overwhelmed and struggling when choosing paint colours.  They say they have been painting a selection of paint colours on one wall.

I will always advise my Clients to choose the colour by comparing them alongside the new colours they will be using in the space, and not by putting them alongside the old paint colours.

For instance, if the new colour sample is painted on the existing walls, it will affect the way we see its true colour. This is due to the undertone of the existing wall colour coming through.

Therefore, if you paint a selection of sample paints next to each other, each colour will influence the next paint colour.  This in contrast, will make it difficult to get a true representation of how the paint colour would look on its own.

Another key point is to paint 2 to 3 coats of each paint colour to see the real representation.  By painting on the wall directly, will result in a build-up of paint on that wall, which could then be noticeable after that wall has been decorated.

Especially if it is a different sheen than your current wall paint.  For example a Matt on Eggshell,  will possibly show through the new coat of paint and won’t give you the actual paint finish.

How to choose the right paint colours for your room.

In order to find the best paint colours for your walls, and to get the best representation of that paint colour in your space, is to paint the sample on card.

Firstly, get some good quality A5 or A4 white card, paint with a small paint roller, 2-3 coats in your chosen paint colours.

When the paint has completely dried, place the card sample around the room to see how it looks in different lights of the day.  Remember to view the paint sample in daylight, as well as in artificial light.

A moveable paint colour sample is great, as you do not have to have them displayed on your wall the whole time, whilst you decide on the right colour!

Once you have decided on the paint colours for your room makeover, you can simply pop them in your bag when you go shopping, to match up with accessories for your room.

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